6 Good Governance

Efficient and effective council operation

Several drivers help ensure that a TEI council is efficient and effective. These include:

Each of these is discussed below.

Focus on core governance roles

The effective (and efficient) council is one that accepts it is not the amount of time its members put in but what they do in that time that matters. The council must ensure its time is focused on core governance roles by asking: What is the right agenda balance? What should be discussed? When should it be discussed? What deserves most time?

Ensuring that there is a focus on core governance roles can be helped by:

40 percent big picture (vision, strategy, direction)
25 percent monitoring (performance against strategy, business plan, Investment Plan, key performance indicators and budget, council and chief executive performance reviews)
20 percent conformance (compliance, risk management)
15 percent dialogue and issues management (stakeholder dialogue, emerging issues)

Active involvement of council membersTop

A council’s success depends on the approach, attitudes and contributions of its members. A council member should:

Using a council work planTop

Council operation can be enhanced by an annual work plan, with a month-by-month schedule to include:

Council policiesTop

Policies may be included in a council members’ handbook or other guidance as appropriate. Council policies are likely to include: