4 Council Members

Council member fees

The Act provides that the Minister fixes the maximum fees payable to TEI council members within the fees framework that applies across Crown entities and other statutory appointments,5 and allows individual TEI councils to determine the council fees within that maximum (s 179).

From time to time, the Minister reviews council fees. The rates fixed by the Minister are subject to the constraint that they are in accordance with the fees framework, which is administered by the State Services Commission.

The Act also enables TEI councils to pay a member actual and reasonable travelling and other expenses incurred in carrying out their duties.

The legislation excludes the TEI Chief Executive from such payments, but each TEI decides whether to make a payment to staff members serving on the council. A number of councils address this matter by considering whether participation as a member forms part of, or is in addition to, a normal workload.

5Cabinet Office Circular CO (12) 6: Fees framework for members appointed to bodies in which the Crown has an interest.