4 Council Members

Council meetings

Part 7 of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA) applies to TEIs. It sets out requirements about the notification of TEI council meetings, public access to meetings and requests for, and release of, meeting papers.

Public notification of meetings

The LGOIMA requires public notification of council meetings (ss 46–47). It provides that:

Excluding members of the publicTop

The LGOIMA sets out the grounds and reasons for excluding members of the public from a meeting of a council or committee (s 48).

Resolutions are required to exclude the public, and these must specify the:

These grounds are designed with the objective of maximising, rather than minimising, the council business that is conducted in public and they should be applied to achieve that objective.

In addition, if any members of the public are to remain in a meeting from which others are excluded, their identities and reasons for remaining must be stated.

Following any discussion from which the public is excluded, a resolution is required to return the council to the public meeting and to specify what discussion and decisions from the closed meeting may be released to the public.